Celebrities Dressing Badly – Afternoon Edition

I don’t normally post twice a day, and certainly don’t want to get into that habit…yet…but these two pictures crossed my path this morning and it would be wrong to not include them as a bit of an addendum to this morning’s post.

Exhibit A:  Katy Perry.

Image courtesy of The Huffington Post

Clearly she is still dealing with the emotional and psychotic fall out from her no-so recent break up with Russell Brand.  He’s been lying fairly low lately, and all in I think he’s been exemplary at managing the press and rumor mill that churned when he filed for divorce.  Katy on the other hand has been going to extremes.  Blue hair is NEVER a good thing, especially not electric blue, in Paris, while wearing Christian Dior.  And now this…Katy, we know you want attention, and we know you want to be all “Look what you’re missing” and “See, I’m a pop star and I don’t need you” to your ex, but as my mother would say, “Nobody is going to buy the cow when the milk is for free.”  Put some clothes on.  Some real clothes.

Then there is Exhibit B.  Aubrey O’Day.

Image courtesy of The Huffington Post


You remember her.  The train wreck from that girl band that P.Diddy or Puff Daddy or Puffy Combes or Sean Combes or whoever he was then tried to put together.  Well in her case, the more things change, the more the stay the same.  Aubrey and Tori.  Read the memo:  babies and puppies are not accessories and will not hide nor make up for poor wardrobe (or life) choices.


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